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                Race Car Specs

1999 Honda Civic Hatchback

Best 1/4: 9.21 sec.(2018)
Best 1/8: 5.95 sec.(2018)
Best 1/4 MPH: 167 mph(2015)
Best 1/8 MPH: 135 mph(2016)

Current Est.WHP: 950+

Tuning: Matt Stover, Mike Amerson
EMS: AEM Infinity 508

Fuel and Electrical:
Renegade E112 Ethanol Fuel, Weldon 2345-a Fuel Pump, 2200cc ID Injectors, 1000c Secondary ID Injectors, Weldon Regulator, AEM 5 Bar MAP, Custom Engine Harness
-Spark: Coil On Plug, T1 Cam Trigger, AEM Infinity 508, AEM CD-5 Display, XSPOWER 16volt Battery

MSSRACING Built Engine
B18C1 Block / B18C1 Head coated by Coatings M.D.
Golden Eagle HD Sleeves
R&R Aluminum Rods
Arias Pistons coated by Coatings M.D.
Mahle-Clevite Race Bearings coated by Coatings M.D.
Ferrea 6000 Series Intake Valves coated by Coatings M.D.
Ferrea 6000 Series Exhaust Valves coated by Coatings M.D.
Ferrea Valve Springs and Retainers
Sheepey, Inc. Custom Roller Cams
Ferrea Roller Rockers
Golden Eagle Cam Gears
Skunk2 Ultra Race Intake Manifold Wavetrac LSD
Pfitzner Performance Gearbox Race Transmission
Competition Clutch Triple Disc Unit
Gforce Shifter
DSS Pro Level Axles

Pro Level Differential
ATI Race Damper
EBTEC Catch Can
Turbo Elements Custom Radiator Setup

Forced Induction:
Borg Warner Airwerks 67.7 FMW Turbo
Bell Intercooler Core with Custom End Tanks by EBTEC
4” Top Exit Exhaust and 2.5” Dump Fabricated by EBTEC & coated by Coatings M.D.
BoostJunkyz Forward Facing FTW Manifold coated by Coatings M.D.
TiAL Sport 60mm Wastegate
TiAL Sport Blow Off Valve

10 Point Custom Roll Cage - MSSRACING/EBTEC
KKC Brake Booster Delete
Progress Suspension SFWD Coilovers

TR Fab Rear Extendable and Adjustable Trailing Arms
ESM Rear Fully Adjustable Spherical Control Arms
Kirkey Racing Pro Drag Seat
Stroud Super Comp Parachute
3 Piece Forged Aluminum STAR8 Drag Wheels
Source Racing Wide Front End
MH RaceMaster 24.5” Drag Slicks
Innovative Mounts